I Never Lied To You

Camberwell Space Projects
Camberwell College of Arts
Wilson Road, London

14 October – 20 November 2015

Artists include: Akiko Ban | Dan Rees | Edward Morgan | Fani Parali | Geoff Bartholomew | Jacob Eaton | Jesse Wine | Lea Collet | Lucy Boyle | Mary Vettise | May Hands | Paul Schneider | Robert Zhao Renhui | Theo Turpin | Ziggy Grudzinskas

Camberwell Space presents I Never Lied To You, a group exhibition of fifteen recent alumni of Camberwell College of Arts BA Fine Art Programme.  Covering a wide range of practices including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, and exhibition including subject matter that ranges from figurative, to abstract, to conceptual and reflects the scope and ambition of Camberwell’s four BA Fine Art Courses – BA Drawing, BA Photography, BA Painting and BA Sculpture.

The exhibition takes its title from a work by another alumnus of Camberwell College of Arts, the late musician Syd Barrett, and reflects upon what happens when artists leave an institution and how they remain connected to it following graduation. The exhibition includes recent work by each artist, including site specific works and performances.  The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of artist talks and a limited edition publication.

The artists in the exhibition have been selected by BA Fine Art Course Directors Kelly Chorpening (Drawing), Matt Franks (Sculpture), Duncan Wooldridge (Photography) and Daniel Sturgis (Painting).

Co-curated with Daniel Sturgis.


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